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Carina Klingsell- Circus artist 

Richi Martis photo by Florian Ziemen .JP

In support by Theatre Babel and Fonds Podium Kunsten I have created my own inclusive work called " "Moving Portraits". The performance was live streamed in February 2021 and are planned to play live in June 2021. 

Photo by Kolja Huneck

The circus collective Trenina was created by Carina Klingsell, Elena Damasio, and Saana Tolonen in Rotterdam 2020. We are currently creating our first piece "The Midheim" with the help of Stichtning Snad. "The Midheim" is a performance that throws the audience into other dimensions and where reality is continuously reinvented and distorted. Inspired by Nordic and Greek mythology we take the audience on a journey through mythological fantasies. 

Premiere in Maaspodium 13 November 2021 

Working on themes of changes and switches, Carina is exploring what it means to be in harmony and what it means not to be, with herself and with her musician. The act “A change of mine” is a duet with Chinese pole and live music. Carina and Branco are playing with the dissonance and harmony between them as one mover and one musician, one girl and one boy. 

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