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Carina Klingsell - Circus artist 

Photo by William Blenkin

Carina Klingsell grew up in Sweden practicing circus alongside dance and rhythmic gymnastics. When she discovered the Chinese Pole, a discipline that gave her both a thrill and a sense of control, it was important for her to use her femininity as an advantage. Alongside practicing the Chinese pole she devotes her time towards floor acrobatics. She finds the mix between floor acrobatics and Chinese pole an interesting combo that challenges both of her disciplines. The floor acrobatics becomes the bridge between the floor and the pole and it is in this bridge where she create most of her movements. She can soon be seen performing with Tall Tales Companies " A clockwork Orange" and with Boost producties "Walking on Circus" and "Interesting Mistakes" 

Carina is not only a circus performer but she is also developing herself as  a maker. She has so far created two short pieces and is currently collectively creating a full length show with the co founded collective Trenina. 

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